Texting May Be Affecting the Development of Deep Relationships

Are young people losing the ability to communicate properly and to build real relationships because they choose to text rather than to actually chat live on the phone? Texting is exceeding live phone chatting Teenagers and young adults choose to send text messages over making a phone call. The most common and obvious reason for this is economic: to send an sms is cheaper than making a phone call. It can also be more efficient and direct. Read More 

Baby on Board- Car Seat Fitting For the New Parent

As a proud new parent, one of the dilemmas you might constantly have to encounter is baby or toddler car seat fitting. Parents who own cars, or want to move around with their baby in a personal car, often struggle with this part of the journey. You want your baby to be both comfortable and safe through the journey. It is, therefore, important to carefully think about car seat fitting when buying baby car seats. Read More 

4 Ways To Trim Funeral Costs

A funeral is often thought of as a lavish affair, as family and friends want to pay their respects to the deceased in the best way possible. While it's good to show your respect to those who have passed on, it's also good to avoid overpaying on certain items that are involved with a funeral. Many people today are also preplanning their own funerals to help their families avoid this job and to help pay down their assets as they get older so they can qualify for certain government programs. Read More