4 Ways To Trim Funeral Costs

A funeral is often thought of as a lavish affair, as family and friends want to pay their respects to the deceased in the best way possible. While it's good to show your respect to those who have passed on, it's also good to avoid overpaying on certain items that are involved with a funeral.

Many people today are also preplanning their own funerals to help their families avoid this job and to help pay down their assets as they get older so they can qualify for certain government programs. This too can be a reason to think about some cost saving measures. Consider a few ways you might trim the cost of funerals without seeming disrespectful of the deceased person.

1. Note your options for caskets

A mahogany casket that is lined with silk may look very nice, but it can also be very expensive. More affordable options include caskets made with oak or bamboo and lined with cotton or a blend of materials. A natural bamboo or oak casket can also be much more eco-friendly; the finishes used on the mahogany, including polyurethane and other sealants, release pollutants as they decay over time, whereas a simple bamboo coffin will not have been treated with these harmful chemicals.

2. Pare down the flowers

One simple arrangement of flowers on a casket can usually suffice for a funeral, and you can make a funeral display more meaningful by including photos of the deceased instead of costly flowers. You might also have poems printed out and framed as this too can be less expensive than flowers but will still make a funeral arrangement seem very respectful.

Choosing less expensive flowers can also be a good choice. Lilies and roses are typically the most expensive options but you might opt for carnations or irises instead. These are very colourful and attractive, but far less costly.

3. Choose something other than a limousine for transportation

Typically close family is driven to a funeral by a limousine or other car, but this can be very expensive especially when you hire several limos for a large family. Instead, choose an SUV that you all share, or black sedans. These are just as respectful but cost far less than actual limos.

4. Make it invite-only

One good way to trim the cost of a funeral is to make it invitation-only. This allows you to use a small funeral home and to host only a handful of guests for any type of wake after the funeral.